Show 10 – Ice Age Misery

“You walk blindly into a wall of white…”

You are on an alien world–a world covered in ice and snow.  On this world are a few small groups of scattered humans trying to survive. As a time traveler, you will wake up 20,000 years ago in the middle of the Ice Age.  You can’t be a passive observer in this journey.  You have to become the people you’re exploring.  It’s the only way you’ll survive.


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Amazing episode! Fascinating portrait of human mind and feelings in a less civilized context. Reminds me of one of the short novels in Herman Hesse’s “The Glass Bead Game”. I’m already in love with this series and looking forward to hearing new episodes!


Outstanding !!! I would have stayed.


Truly outstanding. You’re a masterful narrator and writer. Just getting the script and sound effects down right must have taken months of work. I came here looking for historical facts and analysis, and I walked away feeling I had a eye-witness account of the time. I’ll look forward to more of these time-travel journeys.


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