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Show 21 – Hannibal One *Coming Soon*
Show 20 – Escape from Stalingrad
Show 19 – Cato’s War
Show 18 – To Kill a King
Show 17 – American Revolution
Show 16 – Edge of the Earth
Show 15 – Hiroshima
Show 14 – Four Weeks in the Trenches
Show 13 – Aztec Steel
Show 12 – Mask of the Plague Doctor
Show 11 – The Kaiser’s Assassin

Original Shows 1 – 9

Show 9 – Roma Islamica
Show 8 – What if Germany Won WWI?
Show 7 – Alternate History 101
Show 6 – Axis Earth
Show 5 – Deep City
Show 4 – Mike Duncan Interview
Show 3 – Rome Industrial
Show 2 – Priestess of Minos
Show 1 – Lord of the Flies

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