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Show 26 – Napoleon in Afghanistan

“The mountains look like giants. You wonder how long they’ve been asleep.”
Napoleon detached a few hundred thousand from his Russian campaign and re-branded them the Army of India…

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Show 25 – Project Gliese

“…humanity was nearly wiped out–billions dead.”
The computer that was supposed to manage the vastly complicated mathematics of a wormhole, ended up going rogue.

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Show 24 – The Blood Ape

“Those drums are made of human skin…”
We’re sending you back in time 200,000 years to a tribe known as the Benni-grath. These people live in a lush mountain valley in Sub-Saharan Africa. But over in the next valley is another tribe, a warlike tribe of hominids that evolved into giants.


Show 23 – City of Pyramids

“The rising sun lights a hundred pyramids on fire.”
As a civilization, Egypt stood alone in the world. And it prospered. Without competition, it continued on and on for thousands of years. It lasted so long, that it entered a new Ice Age.


Show 22 – Cleopatra Caesar

“This will not come to a happy end.”
You are about to enter the world built by Caesar the Great, a Caesar who was never struck down by the Senate. Stretching from Britain to India, this is Rome like you’ve never imagined it.

Twilight Histories Show 21: Hannibal One

Show 21 – Hannibal One

“Yes, you heard me right. We’re sending you to Mars.”
The Carthaginians established a colony on Mars called Hannibal One in honour of the general who started them on their path to greatness. We’re sending you back to the early days just after the colony was founded.


Show 20 – Cato’s War

“You are about to find out what it means to be a slave. ”
We’re sending you back to the year 1962, a hundred years after the Second American Revolution, as it’s called. You’ll be living in a small factory town called Stonewall located in the deep South.

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Show 19 – Four Weeks in the Trenches

“We could see the small Red Cross parties in the field climbing over the horribly grotesque tumuli of bodies…”
Like so many other musicians and artists, Fritz Kreisler could very easily have been killed in the war. Here is his account of that war.

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Show 18 – Aztec Steel

“It’s a strange feeling, waiting to be sacrificed.”
Your Spanish trading ship is quickly overrun and now you must survive, thousands of miles and an ocean away from home.

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Show 17 – Mask of the Plague Doctor

“You are about to explore the world of the Black Death.”
You will travel through time to Florence in the year 1348, the same year the Black Death arrived in Italy.


Show 16 – The Kaiser’s Assassin

“This nation is in its Golden Age; but that’s all about to end…”
The German empire is at the heart of a 20th century renaissance. But this could all come to a violent end.


Show 15 – Ice Age Misery

“You walk blindly into a wall of white…”
As a time traveler, you will wake up 20,000 years ago in the middle of the Ice Age. You can’t be a passive observer in this journey. You have to become the people you’re exploring. It’s the only way you’ll survive.
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