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Deep City


Listen to the only epic 2.5 hour show from the Twilight Histories! In this dark and thrilling tale, you will journey deep under the ocean to a civilization stuck in a nightmare. Descriptions and listening sample below…

Product Description

Deep City

In ancient times, nuclear war devastated the surface. A small band of people survived in a Russian submarine base in the Arctic. Now, over a thousand years later, a civilization sprawls over the ocean floor. But this civilization is not a utopia. It is dark and wet and is ruled by an iron-fisted tyrant. Hope is a commodity in a world where the existence of the surface is only a myth.

Without an identification mark, you are branded an outlaw and are hunted. But how will you escape from the bottom of the ocean? How will you escape… Deep City?

Listen to this sample:

This epic show took 6 months to produce and is almost 2.5 hours long, making it by far the most ambitious Twilight Histories episode to date.

Show Length: 2:22:03



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