Season 1 and 2

Seasons 1 and 2 – Complete Shows

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Over 8 hours of audio entertainment! Download the complete first two season from the Twilight Histories! Descriptions and samples below…

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Over 8 hours of audio entertainment! Download the complete first two season from the Twilight Histories!

Rome Industrial

Rome never fell. Marcus Aurelius left the purple to an able general and the line of good emperors continued.  Soon Rome experienced its Industrial Revolution.  Steam power, trains, factories and unbelievable conquest took the standard from India to China and beyond…

Show Length: 28:28

Axis Earth

Created in a similar style as Rome Industrial, you will travel across the world in a time machine. But this time, you will watch as the Axis powers defeat their enemies in WWII.

Show Length: 26:03

Deep City

In ancient times, nuclear war devastated the surface. A small band of people survived in a Russian submarine base in the Arctic. Now, over a thousand years later, a civilization sprawls over the ocean floor. But this civilization is not a utopia. It is dark and wet and is ruled by an iron-fisted tyrant. Hope is a commodity in a world where the existence of the surface is only a myth.

Without an identification mark, you are branded an outlaw and are hunted. But how will you escape from the bottom of the ocean? How will you escape… Deep City?

This epic show took 6 months to produce and is almost 2.5 hours long, making it by far the most ambitious Twilight Histories episode to date.

Show Length: 2:22:03

Roma Islamica

The Roman Empire has been Islamic for almost 500 years. It has grown, flexed its muscles and become a centre for art and culture to rival the Augustan Age. But that is all about to come to an end. The Mongols have levelled Paris. Now they are marching on Rome.

Show Length: 26:06

Priestess of Minos

Drought has hit Anatolia and land is no longer able to support your neolithic city. You join a band of poor farmers and fishermen on a journey to the uninhabited island of Crete. But threatened with storms, hostile islanders, revolt, will you make it?

Show Length: 38:19

Mike Duncan Interview

This is a rare interview with the creator of the History of Rome podcast, Mike Duncan. You’ll find out the back story. What drove him to create the podcast? Where did he study in school? What’s his background? All this and more in the interview.

Show Length: 30:37

What if Germany Won WWI?

This show is a full-length interview with ‘When Diplomacy Fails’ podcaster Zack Twamley. Jordan and Zack imagine a world very different from our own–one in which Germany conquers its empire in 1914.

Show Length: 41:10

Alternate History 101

What is alternate history? What are the rules? What is the alternate history community like? How can you become a part of it? In this interview with Matt Mitrovich, you will gain an insider’s view of a genre from one of its key players.

Show Length: 55:10

Lord of the Flies

This was the very first Twilight Histories episode. It was the product of two years of struggle, in which scripts were written, recorded and thrown out. The Lord of the Flies was the first one that made it to iTunes, so it is a major milestone. Although the format was later abandoned and a new microphone was purchased, the Lord of the Flies is still a show that can hold its own.

Show Length: 25:43




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