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Are you interested in gaining exposure for your writing while having a nice portfolio piece to show off? The Twilight Histories can give you both! Here’s the deal. You write a stellar time travel adventure story, and we’ll produce it with a voice actor, music and sound effects. We’ll add some great art and post it to the world.

For Example…


True Aztec

Explore a dieselpunk Aztec world full of pyramids, monorails and human sacrifice.


The Winged Victory

You are stranded in a world where Greece has defeated Rome. Use your knowledge of the future to bring about an industrial revolution.


What is the Twilight Histories?

The Twilight Histories is a podcast inspired by the Choose Your Own Adventure and Fighting Fantasy book series. All stories are written in the second person where YOU are the adventurer.

The premise of the series is this…

Sometime in the future, there is a low budget travel company called the Twilight Histories. It has developed a technology that allows people to ‘split worlds’, essentially punching a hole through the multiverse. YOU may end up in an Egypt that never fell, a Rome that industrialized, or a even a world where the asteroid never killed the dinosaurs. YOU have a chip at the back of your heads that acts as both a translator and a homing device allowing the company to pull you back out.

Does the Twilight Histories ever lose clients? You bet! Splitting worlds is dangerous and not for the faint of heart.

On to you…

Your story should be set in the Twilight Histories universe. While your story should fit the formula, we’re looking to see your creativity on display. You get to create your own unique world, completely different from anything that’s been done before.

We’re looking for writers with some experience.

Tell us a bit about yourself, what you’ve written, and please provide a link to a piece of writing you’re proud of.

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