Gladiator Fight

Show 22 – Cleopatra Caesar

“This will not come to a happy end.”
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Twilight Histories Show 21: Hannibal One

Show 21 – Hannibal One

“Yes, you heard me right. We’re sending you to Mars.”
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image: Stalingrad German Soldier

Show 20 – Escape from Stalingrad (Blitz)

“My shrunken bloodless face must have looked more like a corpse than a living man.”
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Cato's War - Twilight Histories Podcast

Show 19 – Cato’s War

“You are about to find out what it means to be a slave. ”
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image: Louis 16 Execution

Show 18 – To Kill a King (Blitz)

“When I put out my hands this way, then…”
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American Revolution

Show 17 – American Revolution (Blitz)

“One of the soldiers, at a distance of about four or five yards, pointed his gun directly Gray’s head and fired.”
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Show 16 – Edge of the Earth (Blitz)

“The female seizes the male by the neck, and having once fastened, won’t let go until she has bit the neck entirely through.”
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Twilight Histories - Hiroshima

Show 15 – Hiroshima (Blitz)

“The maggots were coming out all over. I tried to remove them. But her skin just peeled right off.”
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Twilight Histories - Four Weeks in the Trenches - WWI

Show 14 – Four Weeks in the Trenches

“We could see the small Red Cross parties in the field climbing over the horribly grotesque tumuli of bodies…”
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Show 13 – Aztec Steel

“It’s a strange feeling, waiting to be sacrificed.”
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Mask of the Plague Doctor - Bonus

Show 12 – Mask of the Plague Doctor

“You are about to explore the world of the Black Death.”
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Show 11 – The Kaiser’s Assassin

“This nation is in its Golden Age; but that’s all about to end…”
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Ice Age

Show 10 – Ice Age Misery

“You walk blindly into a wall of white…”
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Old Hitler2

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