The Twilight Histories is a podcast that should be listened to in the dark…

Inspired by the Twilight Zone and Hardcore History, this show will leave you with a shiver down your spine. You are a time traveler sent to a strange and exotic land, sometimes historical, sometimes from an alternate thread in reality. You must somehow survive the Black Death, the Ice Age, Hannibal’s army, and many more of history’s exotic nightmares. So enter your time machine… if you dare.

Jordan Harbour spent many summers as an archaeologist excavating such sites as Carrickmines Castle in Ireland and Al Humayma in the Middle East.  It was not just travel that inspired Jordan to take up archaeology, but the chance to touch the very stones the ancients lay.  History, to Jordan, is a 4-Dimensional experience.  And that’s the philosophy behind the Twilight Histories Podcast.

Jordan Harbour - History Podcaster 

This is EXCELLENT story telling. Really riveting material, much like Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, but in a completely different way.
Gmoneyyadiddaholla, Listener

I am smiling as I write because my mind can’t get around how crazy cool this podcast is!
Chuck Wong, Listener

This podcast oozes creativity. The alternative history stories written by Jordan are both creative and entertaining.
sharkmgs1, Listener

There are very few history podcasts that follow this format and none do it better.
Stephen Guerra, Podcaster

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