Meet the Team


The Twilight Histories is a team effort. Each podcaster brings their own unique interests and perspectives to the creative process. They build worlds. You get to explore them. Support the growth of our World Builder team by becoming a member.


Jordan Harbour

Jordan trained as a Classical Archaeologist and did field work in the Middle East, Europe and Canada. When Jordan left archaeology, he wanted to keep the passion alive. He created the Twilight Histories as an outlet for that passion.

Jordan loves to read and you can join him on Goodreads.


Josh Hutchins

Josh is a licensed attorney practicing in Oklahoma. He has a degree in history from the US Air Force Academy and served as a nuclear launch crew commander. He left the Air Force as a Captain. Josh loves history and storytelling. Podcasting is his way of combining the two. To Josh, the Twilight Histories is like watching a play with your eyes closed.

Check out Josh’s blog.


Kevin Valbonesi

Kevin spent his early childhood living in the shadows of Roman ruins and medieval castles in Italy. After earning a degree in Film and New Media, Kevin started podcasting as a way to tell stories set in the historical landscapes he had been imaging since his childhood.

Kevin runs a business called Baroque Media.


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